Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Funky fun spring outfit

Hello fellow bloggers! 

Today I bring to you another outfit post! 

So I recently did a photoshoot with the super talented Ashley Noel (@ashleynoelmua on Instagram)! She's a hair stylist, makeup artist AND fashion stylist! I absolutely love this look, so funky and hipster! The backpack makes me feel like a kid again! If you know me personally you'd know I would never wear these combination of clothes but after this shoot I might just try it out! 

So from what I gathered from Ashley here is where she got the items:
- Penny's: backpack, glasses (painted white with nail polish), metallic sheer nail polish from essence, necklace
- H&M: shoes, white dress
- Claires accessorize: White nail polish

The fur coat was borrowed from a friend! 

What do you guys think of this look? Would you wear this kind of combination for spring? 
I'd love to know! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OOTN: Keeping it simple

Hello people! 

I rarely blog about outfits so here goes! 

For my friends surprise birthday a few nights ago, I kept my outfit quite simple.

I love black shorts and tights because any top goes well with them! If you are keeping your bottom half plain and simple, you can go a bit crazy on the top to balance it, but I just chose a striped blouse I bought when I was in Prague! Such an amazing deal... €2.50!!!

I stuck to my "OUI" gold chain from Forever 21 instead of a statement necklace Id probably wear if I was going on a night out with the girls! One bracelet and voila, finished.  

(Photo as it is with no edits, taken with my phone)

As for hair, you can see how my hair has some colour in it now! Well curls make those colours stand out more hence I always curl it when I'm going out. Plus, I think curly hair gives any outfit that elegant touch. 

Hope you like it! I'm too much of a coward to go crazy with patterns haha

Love love,


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

*[Review] SUNKISSED Rapid Tan Mousse (Medium)

Hello fellow bloggers!

So recently I've been asked by SUNKISSED if I would like to review their new product, the Rapid Tan Mousse (Medium). After trying out and being super impressed with their Gradual Lotion (Medium)[review of it here] last year, I decided I'll give it a go, suuuuuuuure why not right?! 

Like I said in my previous SUNKISSED review, I had never used fake tanning products prior to that gradual lotion, so this would be the second tanning product I've ever used to date! Therefore my review will be, literally, comparing the two products from SUNKISSED.

First impressions:
This time the product is a mousse, so the can is very nicely packaged and slick looking. 

I personally felt it was tricky at the start and if you're not used to wearing fake tan, definitely practise putting it on beforehand. Because it is a rapid tan, the mousse dries into the skin MUCH quicker than the gradual lotion and the colour is more pigmented in comparison. When it says on the can to apply a little product at a time make sure you apply a little product at a time! It really does take practise because you need to get used to pressing the applicator not so hard enough, but just to get enough product out. Once you apply it on your skin, make sure you blend it out straight away to prevent streaks because as I mentioned it does dry quickly. 

My personal experience:
As a novice, you can imagine I have never used a mousse tan before... therefore, I just followed the instructions as best I could! I tested this on my legs as you will see later.

I started off by showering and exfoliating. Then moisturized my knees.

SO... Let's begin. *giggles*

Because it's a mousse, I guess you've to "break the seal" of the black plastic-pressy-down bit.. (excuse my vocabulary but I don't know what to call it?)

I had the SUNKISSED mitt from before so used that. The breaking the seal bit is a little tricky, because you don't want to press TOO hard in case a LOT of product comes out in one go (which is what happened in my case!!!)
And I stupidly applied it all on the lower part of my leg which.. *sigh*.. I shouldn't have done. Anyways, like they say, you learn from mistakes and I somehow managed!! 
I applied roughly 3 layers of this on as the last time 2 layers of the gradual lotion was a bit light.

TIP: Make try break the seal with your nails first, or if you squeeze too much, wipe some of it off with tissue because if you apply too much it sinks into your pores and looks baaaaad...

Here are the before and after pictures after 50 minutes:

As you can see there is definitely a colour difference and it looks very natural!! 

I REAAAALLY like the colour here, but... little did I know, it was still developing after 60 minutes. This product is, no doubt, much more pigmented than the gradual lotion, so when I got into University, I noticed my ankles were DARK BROWN. Luckily I had long pants on! I also noticed a strong smell of fake tan? Not sure how to describe the smell, but if you smelled me yesterday you would know I had fake tan on..that kind of smell.

There are a couple of cons with this product which I found. The smell was one thing that made me very self conscious as I walked around, maybe it was because I applied way too much product on? Not sure.
Also, this is not waterproof in any way, so if you are going out make sure you stay away from the rain, water or any drinks being spilled!! AVOID WATER AT ALL COST! I cycled to and from University, when I took my pants off, anywhere where I was sweating there were patches of white. Also, I had one shower and the tan just washed off.  But I guess that's a good thing in a sense that if you mess up on your application, you can start again (Always look on the bright side!)

Would you recommend this product?
As a fake tanning novice and if I compared this product to the Gradual Lotion, I would personally prefer the lotion. However, I would still recommend this product as it takes much less time to develop and as you can see from my before and after pictures that the tan is very much there and natural! It doesn't stain my skin and is easy to wash off if you just want a once off tan for the day/night.

PRACTISE! Try it a few times to see how much product you need for your perfect tanned look. I would recommend going one layer at a time and seeing how it turns out after 1 hour because it does go quite dark after an hour! You can always build on it then. 

I found that it dries into the skin rather quickly so perhaps after shower and exfoliating, moisturize all over, so that your skin don't absorb the mousse as quickly as it would if your skin was dry!

On a side note, you can compare the before and after pictures from the gradual lotion and the rapid tan mouse here:

(above: Gradual Lotion)
(below: Rapid Tan Mousse)

Has anyone else tried this product and had different results?
What are you thoughts?

Lots of love,


Saturday, 7 March 2015

[Review] Ogx renewing argan oil of Morocco

Hello fellow bloggers! 

Hope you're all having a super weekend! 

So I recently got my hair bleached and coloured for a hair show (not allowed post photos of it yet because the competition is still open) but I've never had my hair feel like straw before and that really scared me! So I used jasmine oil straight away and lathered it onto my hair and left it in over night! The next day I washed it and it felt much better! I have two types of argan oil I use, one for when my hair is still wet and another for when my hair is dry! Today I am reviewing the one I use on towel dried hair. 

Ogx's renewing argan oil of Morocco (penetrating oil)

This oil is super lovely to use! I never used argan oil prior this as my hair has always been healthy (never bleached). A little goes a long way with this one. 

So how to use this: I would pour a few drops onto my palm and then rub together until heated and run my fingers and palm through my towel dried hair. Only parts of my hair got bleached so I just focused on the bleached parts. My hair definitely felt softer and silkier after! 

I bought this in Boots pharmacy! They are doing an offer at the moment, 2 for €13 and one bottle of these usually cost €10.49 so this is definitely a bargain! 

Would i recommend this? most definitely! It smells amazing too! 

Have any of you guys tried this yet?
Let me know! 


Sunday, 22 February 2015

*[Review] Steamcream

Loving this from Steamcream! The tin is so beautiful and the cream feels like silk on my skin! It's light and easily absorbed and can be used for face and body! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Casual/natural makeup for uni

I'm off to uni and then to meet my friend for dinner!! Nom nom

Very casual and natural makeup for today! 

No7 stay perfect foundation (honey)
Seventeen gel eyeliner (black)
Bourjois blush (rose)
Miss sporty lip liner (toffee)
Giordana gold bronzing pearls (dark bronze)

Have an awesome day