Sunday, 9 February 2014

[Review] N.Y.C Long-Wearing Nail Enamel (130A Classic Coral Creme)

So I found this in my drawer and thought I'd try it out and write a review while I was at it! 

So to start off, this nail polish is more a beautiful metallic baby pink colour than a coral (with would have an orange tone to it). There's some tiny silver sparkles in it to give the shiny, metallic effect.

None the less, it is a beautiful girly colour and I think it would be a beautiful colour to paint your nails for a Valentines date! NYC is an affordable brand too! Also I think it would suit every skin colour!!

Application of this polish is very easy! It's very fluid (watery) so comes out very sheer (see through) on your nails but applies smoothly!

TIP: If you want full coverage, I would recommend you paint your nails WHITE first (one layer will do), let it dry completely, then apply 2 layers of this polish on! If you love pink you will love this colour! 

With regards to Long-Wearing, I've had this on for about 2 days now and the tips are starting to wear a little, so I would need to reapply if I want it to look perfect! 

Happy Sunday!!



  1. Oh my gosh. This colour looks so good on you! I may need to snap this up. Your right - this would be fab for valentines day! :) xx

  2. I tried out this range before and the colour was really nice but I needed to apply a few layers.


    1. YEah! definitely! I used a white base which meant 1-2 layers were enough! :)

  3. I love coral! This shade is to die for!

  4. This colour is so sweet! <3

  5. This color looks really pretty.

  6. That is such a beautiful colour!

  7. This is a really nice color! :)

  8. beautiful colour, i love it so much!

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