Hello fellow bloggers!

My name is Eneshai and I am an Irish-born Chinese residing in Dublin. I graduated in Science in Trinity College Dublin in 2012 but am hoping to go back and do Pharmacy. Yes I know.. another 5 years of college Wooo! I'm a part-time Montessori child care assistant and part-time model. :)

Anywho, I started this blog at the end of 2013 because I wanted to share with everyone what I love! I have never blogged before this and it's really exciting for me. It makes me really happy when people comment on my blogs or follow me because it means people enjoy what they read and I'm doing a good job sharing my lovelies! Hehehe

I really enjoy reviewing products and sharing with you outfits that I wear (my camera is not the best so it's hard to get clear pictures sometimes! :) ) so you can decide yourself whether it's worth the money or not. I don't do a lot of hauls because I'm sure like most of you, I don't have that kind of money to just go buy new products every week, but I do love sales, so if I get nice items I will review them. Or if there's something you really want to see me blog about, feel free to message me or comment on my blog and I'll do my best to review or blog about it for you :)

I love all things cute, fashion, healthy lifestyle and makeup!

I love meeting new people and chatting away, so feel free to comment me and I'll most definitely comment back! I'm also on twitter, so if you're on, you can chat to me there or if you have any question feel free to talk to me on twitter @EneshaiCloud.

Don't be shy, I don't bite.

Lots of love,

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