My Christmas presents 2013 (Part 1)!!!

December 31, 2013

Heya guys! So sorry for the delay in posts! It's been very busy here with my sister and boyfriend being back for Christmas and with work!! I'm in high demand this Christmas hahaha (nah, I wish!)

But let us start with what I treated myself to this Christmas (I got money from my parents so I could spoil myself  a little!). SO, I work in Boots and they do VERY good staff discounts (at least I think so anyways!) so most of the things I got for myself were from Boots!

First off, I was never into fragrances before starting work there because I thought they all smell the same and I have one that I love the smell of so I don't need anymore! But I was put in the fragrances department and all I was ever in contact with were perfumes so I slowly but surely learned about the different smells and brands of perfumes.. and man, there are WAY too many perfume brands!!

So everyday I try a new perfume that I liked the smell of in the bottle and trialed them that way because perfume smells different on everyone. And when the Christmas was over and the sales started, I made sure to get my hands on the perfumes I liked most! Nina by Nina Ricci is my all time favourite! I got it as a present for my 21st birthday and loved it from day one so seeing as it was on offer, in a gift set and all, I had to nab it!

Full price: €56
Sale price: €37.33
Sale price with staff discount: 32.66

So I bought this one, 50ml perfume and 100ml body lotion, and it really does smell divine! It's a "fruity fresh floral scent, inspired by the nostalgic treat of the toffee apple with its combination of tangy fruit and crisp, sweet coating". Even though it's Eau de Toilette (EDT) it lasts a long time. I would be able to smell it on me the next morning when I wake up and if my boyfriend was there I'd say to him "Oh my goodness, is that me?! I smell soooooo good!" hahahaha

On the first day of sales the sale prices weren't on all the perfume gift sets so I had no idea how much most of them were and the bigger brand perfumes I didn't bother looking at because chances of them being reduced to an affordable price for me was unlikely! So the next day at work, the sale prices were done and out under the sets so I had a quick browse while I was stocking the shelves before the store opened. To my surprise, Dolce and Gabanna "Pour Femme" was HALF PRICE! It was €79 dropped down to €39!!! Couldn't believe my eyes so I made sure to get one the second I was off work! This one from D&G smells fresh with a tint of sweetness to it! And the box looks sophisticated and beautiful too!

Full price: €79
Sale price: €39
Sale price with staff discount: 34.12

Here's a nice description for it:
"From the Mediterranean, the epicenter of harmonies and contrasts, a classic fragrance is reborn embodying the essence of the Dolce & Gabbana woman: passionate, sensual, and maternal. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme will envelop the senses and linger long after she is gone. Seductive and soothing neroli intertwines with nuances of raspberry over the playful hint of tart green mandarin. This gives way to a heart of voluptuous sensuality, a softly undulating bouquet of velvety jasmine and citrusy sweet orange blossom. The addictive and sugary guimauve introduces the full-bodied sensuality of the vanilla base notes, and the captivating fragrance is further lit by the roundness of heliotrope and smooth, creamy sandalwood. "

I am so delighted with my fragrance haul! I won't have to purchase perfumes any time soon! I wore it for my boyfriend and he said it smells delightful! He couldn't stop sniffing me (in a non-creepy way of course!) hahaha

*to be continued*

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