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February 15, 2014

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines Day! Yesterday was the first time I spent Valentines day I spent without my boyfriend since we got together (he is in Canada doing a Masters). We had our skype date instead! Miss him loads, but what can you do. Hehehe, so I got myself dressed up for this date.. (one's got to look her best for a date right?) and while I'm at it, I'll give you a lovely review on Miss Luxe online store.

Miss Luxe is a fairly new online store that launched last year in May! "As a women’s fashion and beauty e-tailer, we are dedicated to offering you branded, unbranded and own label fashion that is unique, vibrant and expressive. We provide on-trend and catwalk-inspired pieces that are current and affordable". And when they say affordable, they mean affordable!
You can check out their website here: Miss Luxe

What I love about their site is that the models are not the usual stick thin girls modelling the clothes, they are women of normal sizes as well as ethnicity. They have a range of products that you can choose from and again at an affordable price.

I have been very luck to be sent 3 items to review from their website, so here goes!

Here's a short video of what I got in my package from Miss Luxe (like my belated secret santa! hehehe):

These were the items in the package (in no particular order):
Red peplum dress with belt
Barry M Texture Nail polish (colour in Lady)
Barry M Bronze eye dazzle dust

Red Peplum dress:

The red peplum dress is so comfortable on! It's a red red dress! Very beautiful and very suited for any dinner date ;) This dress comes with a belt (which I have removed in this video), and it makes the dress very classy, as you can see in the link I have attached above.
The great thing with this dress is you can wear it to a formal event by removing the belt and by wearing some beautiful jewelery such as these:

Bling me

For a lovely dinner date probably a nice gold chain and wear the belt with the dress. 

Barry M Texture Nail Paint (in Lady):
This is a beautiful pearly white colour with a grainy feel on your nails. It's very sparkly and beautiful once on! I think for best results, apply 2 layers and make sure the polish is dried completely before applying the next layer because it does take a while to dry if the layers are too thick! Also if you apply 3 layers, it'll look very pearly white! SO if that's the look you're going for, then go for it! :) 
Application is super easy and no hassle at all! The brush paints the nail varnish on very smoothly! I would recommend everyone try out this line of nail varnish from Barry M. They have a few other shades also available on Miss Luxe and while I'm at it, there is a 30% off sale this weekend so don't forget to check them out!

Barry M Dazzle Dust:
This is just a pot of beauty! It's the pretty shade of eyeshadow powder I've ever seen! It's a small pot, but believe you me when I say a little goes a long way! This powder is unbelievably pigmented and is a beautiful bronze colour. It applies very smoothly onto the eye lids and any one who have not yet tried Barry M Dazzle Dust should check them out! Currently on 30% off Miss Luxe website for £3.14. 

This swatch photo on my hand does not do the colour any justice! I found it so hard to get any decent photo of the colour because it was so shimmery the light kept bouncing off it and blinding my camera!

Here is a picture of what the eyeshadow looks like on my eyelids! Just so beautiful don't you think? I paired it with a black eyeshadow for the corner of my eyes to give a subtle dramatic effect. Again, if you haven't tried it out, I would highly recommend this Dazzle dust because you won't regret it! And it's very affordable too!

Miss Luxe delivers internationally too so you won't have to worry about living too far away from the UK! So there you have it, my review for Miss Luxe and their beautiful products they sell on their site! So don't forget to check it out because they have a great sale on at the moment!

I want to end this post by sending my thanks to Miss Luxe for this opportunity and I am so honoured that they have sent me these beautiful products to review.


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  1. I've been meaning to try Miss Luxe for a while now - that red dress is simply gorgeous!

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a huge giveaway with $500 of prizes, including a Clarisonic, Naked 3 palette, and Amazon gift card. You should check it out on my blog!



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