[Review] Clarins Soft Cream Eye Colour (#08)

March 16, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is getting ready for St. Patricks day tomorrow!

I'll be using this colour as part of tomorrow's "Irish" makeup! 

Clarins Soft Cream Eye Colour in 08 which is like a copper orange colour (similar to the tube itself!)

What I love about this cream eye colour is that it's extremely pigmented and applies onto the eyes so smoothly! I use my ring finger to apply onto my eye lids and it has a silky soft finish. It is extremely blend-able too so you can easily do smokey eyes with this cream!

And here's the result. The photos don't do this colour any justice! I don't have a good macro camera, so can't take real close up photos to get a better picture of the colour.

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  1. Oh wow! This looks like a dream product! And I am in love with the colour. It suits you perfectly :)


  2. I haven't tried cream eye colour before. It looks very pretty on.


    1. Thank! You should give cream eye colours a go! So easy to apply and lasts long too! :P


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