[DIY] Matte Lips

April 25, 2014

So here's a really quick tip if you want matte lips but don't want to spend more money on a lipstick colour you have already! 

All you need is:
1. Lipstick you want to use
2. transparent face powder or if your lipstick is a nude colour like a brown or a pink, eye
shadow works just as well!
3. Tissue

Use the lipstick, then dab the powder gently onto your lips using a powder brush or if you're using eye shadow, use an eyeshadow brush (dab gently so you don't get lipstick onto your brush!) After you're done and have a nice matte look, put a small piece of tissue between your lips and press your lips down against the tissue (this will help set the powder into the lipstick and will help with the durability!)

Tip: if you are adventurous with lip colours, you can use eyeshadow to make up a unique lip colour! eg. you can use a light coral pink lipstick, and add orange or dark pink eyeshadow onto your lips and blend out with your fingers for an artistic and unique look! 

I was out to see my friend a few days ago who's in hospital because she's going to have her baby soon! So exciting!! And I decided to try out this DIY! Here is what I used for my nude matte lips:

- Miners lipstick (barely buff)
- Miss Sporty lip liner (toffee)
- Inglot transparent face powder (I could have used a light brown eyeshadow, but I don't have any of the similar colour as my lipstick so I stuck with the powder)

The reason why I used this lip liner is because the lipstick by itself washes me out because it's too pale for my skin colour, but if I use the lip liner first (it is a medium brown) and half fill in my lips with it, then using a lip brush and fill in the center of my lips, it give my lips a lovely nude colour as well as making my lips look plumpier!

After that, I applied the powder and pressed my lips against some tissue, and voila! Here are the results:

Also, on a side note, I am soooo excited about tomorrow because I am attending an Irish Bloggers Meetup !! I'm so excited I haven't decided what to wear yet! Must rummage through my wardrobe now!! Wooo wooo!

Hope everyone had a lovely weeek and have a super weekend!


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  1. So beautiful! Wow I really love this color on you!


  2. This is the perfect "your lips but better" shade. The liner gives is a nice darker tone around the edges. Also, I've never thought of incorporating my eyeshadow into my lip products, so thanks for the tip!


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Hehehe no worries!!! Hope you have fun with colours! :P

  3. How great, that shade suits you perfectly!


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