[Review] Ogx renewing argan oil of Morocco

March 07, 2015

Hello fellow bloggers! 

Hope you're all having a super weekend! 

So I recently got my hair bleached and coloured for a hair show (not allowed post photos of it yet because the competition is still open) but I've never had my hair feel like straw before and that really scared me! So I used jasmine oil straight away and lathered it onto my hair and left it in over night! The next day I washed it and it felt much better! I have two types of argan oil I use, one for when my hair is still wet and another for when my hair is dry! Today I am reviewing the one I use on towel dried hair. 

Ogx's renewing argan oil of Morocco (penetrating oil)

This oil is super lovely to use! I never used argan oil prior this as my hair has always been healthy (never bleached). A little goes a long way with this one. 

So how to use this: I would pour a few drops onto my palm and then rub together until heated and run my fingers and palm through my towel dried hair. Only parts of my hair got bleached so I just focused on the bleached parts. My hair definitely felt softer and silkier after! 

I bought this in Boots pharmacy! They are doing an offer at the moment, 2 for €13 and one bottle of these usually cost €10.49 so this is definitely a bargain! 

Would i recommend this? most definitely! It smells amazing too! 

Have any of you guys tried this yet?
Let me know! 


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  1. I want to give it a try too!!

    Check out my new post Here!!!


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