[Review] Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick (#260 I want you)

November 29, 2013

Lipsticks lipsticks lipsticks... what can I say about them. If I had to describe them in one word it would be LOVE! I absolutely adore lipsticks and I can tell you that this blog will have many more than just one lipstick review! 
I have come to love Rimmel London lipsticks because they are so nice on my lips and don't dry them out! And the colour tend to stay for quite a while (I haven't timed how long it stays for!). Pigmentation is also great and they've a huge range of colours!

Today I will be reviewing Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick (#260 I want you). At first when I looked at it I didn't think I'd like it so much because it was a browny red with some gold shimmer! But once I put it on my lips it added a bit of character to my face! It is like a darker nude for my lips because my lips are quite pigmented. The shimmer is barely noticeable.

Before the lipstick (only a bit of vaseline on my lips) and foundation.

After application of the Rimmel lipstick directly onto lips and No7 Stay Perfect foundation.

As you probably notice the Stay Perfect foundation adds a warm glow to my face. I probably should have used a lip liner to give it a more defined look, but I was stuck for time so I just slapped it on!

All in all, I would recommend this lipstick as it looks great to add a bit of colour to your face without the use of eye shadows and blushers if you're stuck for time. I just had foundation and slapped on this lippy and off to work! The great thing is it doesn't smell bad (very faint smell though but not noticeable) and doesn't taste bad, at least not that I notice! Also does not dry out my lips!

Hope that helps!

Has anyone else tried lipstick this colour or any others from the Rimmel London range?

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