[Review] No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (Honey)

November 29, 2013

So I was in Boots the other day and FINALLY got the RIGHT colour foundation for my skin tone! Stay Perfect Foundation in Honey (great colour for tanned asian skin!). They now have a machine that matches  your skin colour perfectly to one of their foundation colours!

It’s great because my skin is sensitive and the No7 range is all hypo-allergenic. Stay Perfect foundation is perfect for me because it gives me medium coverage and covers up any blotchiness or redness in my skin. I don't need to use a powder because it already has some in it and it also moisturises my face too! :) (but I do use a moisturiser before putting the makeup on)

Left to right: Before and After the foundation (taken in day light).

As you can notice my skin looks much smoother and healthier on the right and the redness and uneven colouring is covered up. As my sister says "natural, but better than your natural skin!"

Any ways, so they have this 3 for 2 deal and if you get the 3 items from the make-up section you get a free gift set (lip stick, lip gloss and a lip brush = 33e worth of goods). So me being me, even though I didn’t need any more make-up, I was very tempted! So I asked the lady what make-up they have that is similar price to the foundation I was buying, because common sense tells me that if I was getting 3 for 2 and the cheapest item is free, then I might as well make the most out of it! Turns out there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from. Everything she suggested I already have or things I don’t use or don’t want. So in the end, I bought 3 of the same foundation… THREE!!! Means I got one bottle of foundation for free though right? Seems like a fair deal! Free foundation PLUS free lippy gift set! I guess I am a happy girl now, but the question really is… was it necessary?? Do I REAAALLY need THREE bottles of foundation!? Well, the girl said she uses one bottle every 2-3 months and she wears it everyday! So I guess it’s not TOO bad…PLUS, I was thinking the lippy gift set could be used a Christmas present so not all that bad…!

I’m just trying to make myself feel better amen’t I…?

I blame the free stuff… they get me all the time.

So all in all, I would definitely recommend this brand foundation to ANYONE who hasn't found the right foundation yet! No harm in going into Boots (if you have one in your country) and get your skin matched to one of their foundations! At least if you don't buy one you'll know what kind of shade you should be getting!

Has anyone else tried this foundation? And what do you think?? :D

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  1. oh wow this foundation has a really nice finish! I'd love to try it as well too bad we don't have Boots in Germany T-T
    but maybe I'll travel soon to London so I'll get to visit Boots hehe. I'd love to visit Ireland too one day!

    1. I know! I was so surprised at start because I've never had a foundation matched so perfectly to my skin colour! Do come to Ireland! But I wouldn't recommend winter because it's just miserable and cold all the time! :P
      Maybe summer time.. it'll be less cold! But sure weather must be similar in Germany??

  2. I got colour matched to honey too tody! And my sister said the same - my kin looked airbrushed! For my free gift I bought a lipstick colour from thrle ones recommended for honey and I love it :) now im on the hunt for which hair colours look nice on our honey skintone...


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