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January 06, 2014

Hello to all you beautiful people out there!

This is a bit of an odd blog, I'm going to write a review on a website that sells make-up (or at least they claim to!)


Any of you who purchase make up online may or may not have heard of this site. I am one who likes to do some bargain hunting online, so when I stumbled upon MakeupBird, I THOUGHT I had struck gold!
I googled their website to see if it was trustworthy, but I couldn't find any review like this one I'm writing so from what I gathered (of what minimal information that was available) it SHOULD have been ok.

I went through their sale products and made a purchase worth 32 and paid through Paypal. Again, I was a bit wary but my friend who works in Paypal said I can always open a claim if I don't receive the items I paid for! So I went through with my order.

On the website, I should have received my item within two weeks. 3 weeks passed and still nothing! So I waited till the start of the 4th week to "Dispute a Transaction". I also emailed Makeup Bird directly but no response.
(NOTE: My friend says do it within 30 days of purchase otherwise it will be MUCH harder to get your money back)
What that does is Paypal will contact the seller (Makeup Bird) on my behalf to tell them that I have not yet received my item and give them a chance to contact me. However, Makeup Bird did not contact me. Then I escalated my dispute to a claim which means Paypal will request proof of shipment or proof that the item is on it's way to me from the seller and if they can't provide that proof, then Paypal will refund the money to my account.
And that is what happened. The money was refunded back and no word from Makeup Bird. Thus I can only conclude that this website is a scam!

If this has happened to any of you and you paid your items through Paypal, make sure you keep an eye out on the date and if you have not received your item within 30 days make sure to go to the Resolution Center, and then Dispute a Transaction. Give that a week or so and if you still haven't heard anything, Escalate Dispute to Claim.

I have no reason to lie about them, seeing as all I wanted were my items which I never received. This event is 100% truthful and if you have any questions or queries, please let me know!

Safe shopping online!

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