First haul of 2014!

January 04, 2014

So last year (well last month!) after Christmas, Lancôme in Debenhams in Blanchardstown shopping center did a massive 50% off on their stock from last season! These included lipsticks, mascarars, makeup brushes, nail varnishes, eyeshadows and other little bits and bobs. I already checked it on St.Stephens day and I found 2 lipsticks which I got for my sister, but the rest were of no interest to me.
Today, I went back in and found they've NEW stock put on the sales counter! Lipsticks of beautiful deep reds, L'Absolu Crème de Mat, balms, lipglosses all half price!
So I bought 4 things which totaled to 50! On top of that they are now doing an offer where if you spend over 40 you get 10 back on the Debenhams card! So each item I purchased for 10 each if you minus the 10 back on the card! And all these products were originally 25+ each!!

I'll do some swatches when I use them! Oh I am so in love with the colours and so happy with my first haul of 2014!

Have any of you got any good things from sales? 
Let me know!

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  1. wow! so cool haul for 2014 not to mention its a sale.

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah I know! And I can't believe just a few months ago before all the sales started that I bought 2 lancome lipsticks for 50e!!! *facepalm*

  2. Hi. Looks like you got some great bargins! Thank you for you comment about my foundation, I agree no7 is amazing and the foundation gives you flawless skin. I've followed your blog on gfc and bloglovin, would be great if you followed back :)
    Ellie x


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