[Review] Montagne Jeunesse: DaMask Rose (ultra deep cleansing masque)

January 22, 2014

Wow... such a long title! But I didn't know which part is important, so I thought might as well put all of it in! Hehehe
Well I have a new product to review for my fellow bloggers today.. (tonight for me!). I have a 100g squeezy flat tube of Montagne Jeuness's Damask Rose: Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque. 

After I cleansed my face, I used this product for "ultra deep cleansing", not sure if I needed it, but sure why not! After I applied the mask I figured, I might as well write a review on this while I'm doing it! So here it is!

This mask has a muddy/clay texture which can get messy if you buy the small sachets, but this tube is a squeezy tube as you can see so it was quite mess free for me. It says on the front that you can get up to 10 applications from 100g, but maybe that's if you apply thin layers. Though, I can't say seeing as I've only done one so far!

Just make sure to shake it down first every time and squeeze a bit at a time because if you're planning on squeezing enough clay for the whole face in one go, there are some trapped air bubbles in there which may lead to some little explosions (yes I have learnt from this so I am just warning you all in advance!)

So once you've applied to your face, you wait for 15-20 minutes... do do doo doo doooooooo....

NOTE: While I was waiting, I did notice some tingly/ faint burning sensation, but that went after a minute or two, so I figured it's fine..(hopefully!) I should have done an irritation test before but completely forgot so make sure you do one! Don't be silly like me.

 *20 minutes later*

 After 20 minutes, my face was rock hard.. haha, well the clay had dried out completely, but it was very easy to wash off, so no complaints there!

So what did I think of it? I felt like my face was freshened up and there as a wee glow? Don't know if I'm just greasy there or if it's a nice glow, but I my skin did feel a little tight after a few minutes, so if you are to use this, I'd advise a good moisturizer after, because if your skin feels tight, it means that the mask is probably on the drying side for the skin, well mine anyways!

I'll have to review this again after I've used it a few times because this is just my initial opinion of it. 
But I did enjoy it! :) All that was missing was cucumber for my eyes!

Have any of you guys ever tried this brand for face masks? What do you think of it?


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  1. We have nominated you for the bloggers' Liebster Award! Check out our post for more details!

  2. You don't get this brand over here! But I do love my face masks. I don't like face masks that leave your skin feeling like it needs a drink! But I do love my moisture masks. Origins do great ones! :) Nice post! xx

    Nadja from Throw me something beautiful

    1. I completely agree! I love moisture masks! Makes my skin feel so nice and soft after! hehehe. Origin you say.. I may check them out! THanks! :D

  3. Hi dear!! I've just discovered your blog :)
    This is an amazing post, it is so cool :)
    Come and give your opinion about my new post "A different day"

  4. Everyone is raving about this, im going to go buy it tomorrow.

  5. I love their face masks in the sachets so I am definitely going to make a investment in this! Looks real amazing :)



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