Valentines Ball? Prom? Debs?? Fanny Crown has got you covered!! (read on for discount!!)

February 02, 2014

Hello bloggers (especially to the female bloggers!),

I don't know if it's just in Ireland, but when you're in University, some clubs and societies will organize a "Valentine's Ball" come valentines day! I know this is the case with Trinity College Dublin (the uni I studied in) and girls would get really dressed up and wear these beautiful dresses and the guys would wear suits/tuxedos! Very professional!

This post will be about beautiful dresses you can wear to these balls, proms, debs etc as I'm sure some of you bloggers will be attending one or a few of these very soon, or sometime in this year which means you'll be looking at dresses either ways!

So, I recently discovered this beautiful website "Fanny Crown" (check the link out and you'll be dazzled!) and I am absolutely blown away by all the beautiful dresses they have on offer!! Fanny Crown dresses are all unique and stylish, and there is definitely at least one dress in their collections to suit everyone (I say at least one, but I really mean LOTS!) Some of their dresses can be tailor made and the best thing I think they offer is the range of colours for each dress they have, because I often find that I see a dress I like, but they don't have it in the colour I would wear (Darnit!).

I have literally gone through their WHOLE collection and I've picked out these few dresses as my personal favourites! There's just too many to choose from I can't decide on a single dress! I'm sure you'll have the same issue when you check out the site (Oh I would buy everything if I could!)

SO here we go.... *drum rolls*

1. You can find this dress here. You may think "Oh this is so simple.. Pfffft".. well "pfffft" to you because the fact that this dress is simple, yet elegant, means that you can wear it out to a dinner, date, shopping, etc, so you can actually get many wears for this dress!! You can dress is up (for eg, if you are going to a Ball) by wearing elegant jewellery such as crystal earrings and necklaces such as these:

Bling me

2. Dress Number 2 can be found here! For those of you who do not like wearing long dresses, this one I think is so beautiful! There is still some length to the dress from the back of the dress, but short at the front, and I think dresses with a tail at the back really makes your leg look longer (especially if you wear heels with it!) The dress style is just so elegant and perfect for any special occassion! Best part is you can wear it over and over again! The sweetheart cut softens the chest area and makes the dress look super sexy on and accentuate curves (mmm... sexy curves!) I would, again, match this with crystal jewellery or anything that is simple and sparkly with this dress, but you don't want to overdo the sparkles because the top part of the dress is very sparkly as it is! Don't want to blind anyone! hehehe.

3. Dress number 3 can be found here! I love sweet heart cut dresses because it just adds to the elegant-ness (is that a word??) of the wearer. I find that with dresses that cuts straight across can make your shoulders look broader, so the curves in the sweet heart cut, again, just gives it a softer touch.. (can't you tell I just love sweetheart cut dresses?)
I couldn't leave this dress out because it's just so simple, yet so beautiful. There's a sense of expensive style to it, even though there are barely any sparkles and I think the black belt look really adds to the dress, gives the idea of a smaller waist because black colour makes things look smaller so when it's against a light material, it works. :) Any jewellery would work with this, you can go very sparkly or keep is simple, because the dress is simple, it won't look overdone. 
This dress would be wonderful for a ball, prom or a fancy dinner party!

The next two have got to be my favourite dresses of the lot... I think!

4. Dress number 4 can be found heeeeeere! Sweeeet heaaaart coooooot! Hahaha. What can I say about this dress apart from "OMG JUST LOOK AT IT!" Everything about it is just so elegant and high class! I love this colour and find the dress full of style! I just could not NOT write about it! It's a flowy dress so if you eat too much, no one will notice! This dress is perfect for proms, debutants ball, Valentines ball, any ball, weddings, whenever you want to wear it really! Sure I'd wear it to sleep if I could! hehe
Again, I'd personally keep the jewellery minimal on this because the bust area is very sparkly so you can even do without any necklaces and wear very sparkly earrings to make up for it! :) 

Now the next dress.. WOW... Get your eyes ready!

5. I got to say, I think this dress is probably the winner for me.. Probably! Oh indecisive me can't really pick, but when I saw this dress here I was transfixed by the beautiful and unique style of this dress! Don't you agree?! The back of the dress is what I found so sexy! I love dresses with exposed backs because it really adds to the sexiness of the dress (you can expose as much back as you want, but there's only so much boob you can expose before it becomes branded as "slutty"!) And what's great about this is that they have SO many colour choices for you to choose from! It might be a bit chilly, so you could pair this with a nice bolero jacket or a nice wrap! Or if you have a man, get him to keep you warm! Who wouldn't if you wear this sexy dress! I'm a girl and I'd keep you warm! Haha.

Now that I've shown you the dresses you could wear to upcoming balls, proms, debs etc, I might as well show you what make up I think would look best with these dresses!

beautiful blue nude

Right, so for all the dresses (especially the full length dress) I would keep the makeup simple, mainly nude, but you can exaggerate the eye make up to add a bit of "umph" (as in sexiness)! The last thing you want is to overdo anything! If you are wearing sparkles everywhere, nude lips with sexy eye make up (refer to above picture) can really add sexiness and elegance to your face. (you don't have to use blue eye makeup, you can use the colour that is of your dress or gold or bronze sparkle dust can be very pretty!)
For the hair, I think if the dress is strapless, having your hair in an up-do and showing your shoulders off can be super sexy (everything is about sexiness, right?) But up-do's add elegance I feel and with a full length dress, it'll just look stunning! 
Nails, I would do something like this with glitter tips. My next post will be a tutorial on how to do these nails! :)

sexy red

I've selected these mainly for the short dress number 2 because it's simple and white! Any dress that is white you can pretty much do whatever you want with the make up as there won't be clash with colours! So for those of you who love strong makeup (make a statement with those beautiful deep red lips!) this make up and hair style will really make your face stand out of the crowd! Now a tip is don't wear too much sparkle jewellery with this makeup because it will take away from the face and can make it look a overdone! With this makeup, I'd wear simple studs and maybe a simple necklace! 
If you've read a few of my blogs, you will know I'm a very simple person! Keep it simple, you can't go wrong! hehe.

And I know you guys are probably broke after Christmas and New Years, so to help you out, Fanny Crown is giving ALL my readers a lil helping hand by giving you guys a super 15% off everything on their site!!

Here's the 15% discount coupon code:

It's only valid from 28th January 2014 - 15th March 2014 so don't miss out on this offer!

So what do you guys think of my choice in dresses?? Would it be something you'd go for?

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. I love looking at all these beautiful dresses, makes me really miss my prom.


    1. Yeah I know! :D It makes me wish I had one of these dresses for mine! :P

  2. Love the make up looks and thanks for the discount!

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