[Review] Wet n' Wild Eye Palette (Walking on Eggshells)

March 07, 2014

 So I want to do a quick review for you today! It's Wet n' Wild's eye shadow palette in Walking on Eggshells. This is my "go-to" eye shadow palette when I am in a rush or doing a very natural look! The colours are beautiful and pigmented which gives it a very nice natural finish! I'd wear this to work some days and the girls would ask if I am wearing make up at all! Like how some say "my lip colour but better" I would say "my eyelid colour but better" if that even makes sense!

As you can see in my photos, the eye palette comes in 3 colours (t-b: cream, brown, nude pink)

The great thing is they tell you where each colour goes, so you don't have to put much thought in where you will apply the colours! Though if you are adventurous, you can experiment using the colours are various places, for example, the browbone shade can be used as a highlighter as well so you could apply some of that on the upper cheek bones and down the middle of your nose if you wanted! (I didn't do it here but that's just a suggestion!)

As you can see the makeup on my eyes are extremely neutral and natural looking! The brown isn't dark at all, so it just about creates a faint shadow where the crease of my eyelids would be!

Would you recommend this product?

All in all, I would definitely recommend this palette as I think it's perfect for those who love the natural look and it's also very easy to apply and use! 
Oh and did I mention it's extremely affordable too?! Depending on where you get it, it's under the $5 budget! For me I got it for €3 on Adverts.ie! (if you live in Ireland, I'd recommend you check out this site for cheap bargains, though you do have to be careful of fakes.)

Have any one tried out the Wet n' Wild trio eye palettes yet? What do you think?

Hope you liked this review!


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  1. Love these 3-step eyeshadows :) lovely shades xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  2. These colours are really beautiful! I'm not really into the make up thing, hell I don't even own a palette or, um, makeup. But these colours are just so beautiful that I WANT to buy this palette.
    It's hard being a "beauty" blogger in a country where we don't have these awesome products :|


    1. Aw thank you! :) Hehehe yeah, it is one of my must haves in my make up bag! :P You can always order online! ;)

  3. Nice palette.

  4. Gorgeous colours x


  5. I love natural look & this shadows are very pretty
    nice review dear~
    follow me in just4barbie

  6. I love the colours on this palette, they are so useful and could probably fit anyone's style! :D Thanks for the lovely review!

  7. I own a petal pusher palette by wet and wild-- which I love!!! walking on eggshells looks like it might be my next buy! :)


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