First Spring/Summer Face of the Day! :)

April 01, 2014

Hey guys! I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel a little springy/summery! 
So thought I'd do something natural but a bit colourful than the usual plain natural with some pinky undertones! :) 

My face makeup is the same as the one in "My (Super) Simple Face Makeup" post. The only difference is the eye makeup and lips! 

For the eyes I used my Cameleon Make Up Collection Palette: no.2 for the eyelid, no.18 for the inner corners of my eyelid and no.14 for the outer corners!
*no.2 is a light pinky/light coral colour
*no.18 is a light brown
*no.14 is a medium brown
(thought I'd tell you the colours so you can recreate this look with your own palette or eye shadows!)

For my lips I used my Lancome Rouge in Love (240M). It's a beautiful nude colour with a pink undertone which is perfect for spring/summer! I've posted a review on this lipstick before here <--check it out here

If you guys ever want to see a tutorial on my face makeup, do let me know and I'll try get some videos uploaded onto my youtube channel :) 

Hope you all had a super Tuesday!

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  1. Lovely eye shadow really pretty Lucy

  2. Beautiful! Looks so flawless and those eye shadow colors go with your skin tone perfectly!


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