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March 30, 2014

Hello my beauties, 
Hope you are all having a super duper Sunday and treating your lovely mothers to the best mothers day ever! :D 

For starters, I'm made pizza for my mummy today for dinner when she came home from work so she didn't have to cook! Yum yum! Nothing beats a good home-made pizza! 

Any who, today, I bring to you a website called My Beauty Compare. I found out about this website through The Blogger Programme and thought I'd check it out. If you are looking for beauty products and looking to compare prices, this is the place to go! 

Here's my review:

My first Impression:
The first thing I noticed when I went onto the website was that there is a lot of text and for the first few seconds, my eyes were lost. Also the main colours for this site is black and white which for me isn't very inviting to readers and kind of made me not want to explore the website, it looked too complicated to use as the black colour made things looked cramped on the page.

Ease of use:
The website itself once you start exploring, is actually very simple and easy to use. Everything you need is just a click away and is written very clearly.


  1. The great thing I think about the site is the "Find your beauty match" option which takes into consideration your hair colour, skin type/complexion, eye colour, and much more, so that when you search for beauty products they provide you with the product that's best suited for you. It makes the search a bit more personalized which I think is nice!
  2. I guess the main objective of the website is the comparing aspect and this is done very well! I love the fact that when I click a product, there's a price compare and gives you a list of websites where you can purchase from and the price (as well as the postage cost!), which I think is great!
  3. The product review is available which is handy if you are trying to decide whether the product is actually good or not and sometimes an extra opinion can help in the decision making.
As such there really isn't much to say that's bad about this website, only little things that can improve it greatly! :)

  • I'd personally prefer if there were more images than texts and I think that more images and less text would be more attractive on the eyes and I think this is true for most bloggers and other browsers that having nice images is way more effective than lots of text.
  • Warm/lighter/pastel colours that are attractive on the eye will make a visitor want to browse on the website. And perhaps a bit more spacing between lines so the text don't look like a clump of words on the page.
  • More reviews would be great as I have noticed that there are lots of products that don't have reviews.
Those would be the main things I'd say that would help perk the website up a bit. :)

Would you recommend this site?
Yes I would definitely recommend this site! Despite the stuff I said it can improve on, this site does what it sets out to do and does it very well so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to people!

Have anyone else used this website before? What are your opinions?


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