OOTN: Keeping it simple

March 18, 2015

Hello people! 

I rarely blog about outfits so here goes! 

For my friends surprise birthday a few nights ago, I kept my outfit quite simple.

I love black shorts and tights because any top goes well with them! If you are keeping your bottom half plain and simple, you can go a bit crazy on the top to balance it, but I just chose a striped blouse I bought when I was in Prague! Such an amazing deal... €2.50!!!

I stuck to my "OUI" gold chain from Forever 21 instead of a statement necklace Id probably wear if I was going on a night out with the girls! One bracelet and voila, finished.  

(Photo as it is with no edits, taken with my phone)

As for hair, you can see how my hair has some colour in it now! Well curls make those colours stand out more hence I always curl it when I'm going out. Plus, I think curly hair gives any outfit that elegant touch. 

Hope you like it! I'm too much of a coward to go crazy with patterns haha

Love love,


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  1. Nice outfit! Love black and white with some gold.

  2. I love ur top!

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