*[Review] iGLOW Long Lashes Serum

April 16, 2018

Hello to all you beautiful people!

I'm so excited to share with you that iGlow have chosen me to trial their popular eye lash growing serum (it's the new hype right now... especially among girls who have short eyelashes like me!)

So I first saw their product on instagram and was amazed by the results, but I also noticed that there were literally zero chinese/japanese/korean girls with before and after photos, so I was a bit skeptical seeing as most of those girls using the serum have long lashes compared with your average chinese/japanese/korean girl. So I asked them about it and they offered to let me try out their product and send them updates of my process! So excited!!!!

So, I started using this 2 nights ago, and apparently it takes about 3 weeks to see results, so feel free to follow me on my journey to longer and fuller lashes!

It's like an eyeliner, only it's invisible and I use it in the evening (after my shower/before bedtime!) It's super easy to apply so for those who are not eyeliner pros, fear not!

Here are day 1 photos!

Let me know if you've used iGlow before and how it went!

Lots of Love,

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