How to get a healthy and fresh face!

November 28, 2013

I would start every morning when I wake up, 

1. I wash my face: wet my face with warm water, use a face wash (currently using one with an exfoliator) and massage gently into my face in circular upward motions using my index and middle finger and making sure to massage into the greasy areas of my face (usually the forehead, nose and chin). 

2. I splash warm water into my face: and again with circular motions wash the dirt and soap off my face, never be rough with washing your face.

3. I pat dry my face: usually with a towel. 

4. I use a toner: at the moment I use Simple facial toner. Sometimes I just put a few dribbles onto the palm of my hands and then splash it on my face and pat it in. If I have cotton pad I would apply the toner generously to it and wipe in a gentle upward movement over the skin. 

5. Once the toner is dried on my skin, I use a face cream to moisturise my face: I'm using simple replenishing rich moisturiser at the moment. I would squeeze a pea size onto my middle finger and then use the middle three fingers of both hands and warm the cream slightly, then apply it onto my face and massage it in using upward and outward movements.

6. I use an eye cream: currently using Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Eye Cream. I find it keeps the skin of my eyes (especially the under eye bit where the skin is much thinner) moisturized which helps with reducing wrinkles and creases. I would take a very small amount (a very thin layer of cream) with my index fingers (one on each), then I would pat it on under my eyes and around it. VERY IMPORTANT not to rub it in as that will stretch the skin.

7. I use vaseline on my lips after to keep them moisturised: Reduces flakiness when putting lipstick on later.

And that is the end of my daily skin routine! 

I would do this twice a day, morning when I wake up and before bed time! This is a great way to keep the skin refreshed, clean and healthy! I used to have blotchy and terrible skin with dry patches and creases, but after I've done this a few times you really do notice the difference! 

The results aren't immediate, so try it out for a week and see how your skin feels! Take a before and after photo and I'm almost sure you'll see even a bit of difference!

Hope this works for you guys!

TIP OF THE DAY: Try not to use make-up remover WIPES because when you rub your face with them it does stretch your skin, even a little, which increases chances of wrinkles. If possible, use a face wash! :)

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