A lovely day with a lovely friend and her lovely friend!

January 02, 2014

So today I met up with my friend who I hadn't seen in YEARS! Literally! I missed her so much and had a super duper afternoon with her and her friend! 

Kaori was hungry and despite being in Ireland, she was craving Asian cuisine so off we went to a Japanese restaurant, Musashi on Capel Street in Dublin City Center, where we all ordered a Bento Box on the lunch special menu! I can't tell you enough how yummy it was and it wasn't a bad price either€8.99 and it filled me well.. perhaps even too well! It's now 4 hours since I ate and I'm STILL full!

And also got miso soup on the side! I just love how the Japanese always present their food beautifully!

Kaori and myself! 

Then after lunch her friend had to go meet another friend, so Kaori and I went to Cafe en Seine to have tea (green tea) because I was actually unbelievably full! It was really really super nice to met up with her again after all these years! She's probably one of the sweetest girls I'll ever be friends with!
Kaori brought me a present  from Japan! She works in a big cosmetic company and one of the brands they have is Coffret D'or! I've never heard of it but she tells me they are compete with the French brands and other premium brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc. So I can't wait to use this lip gloss "Elegant Jewelry Rouge (BE-216)" because I googled imaged it and the colour looks beautiful!

So let's do a quick summary of make up :)

My makeup today was pretty much the same as I did in my Keeping it Simple post! So now you know I am a very simple makeup girl! Nothing dramatic! hehehe the main things that are different are the lipsticks I use. Today I used my Lancome lipstick Trendy Mauve.
If you have never used Lancome lipsticks I really recommend them because they are so creamy on your lips! One of the few lipsticks I have that don't end up drying up your lips after a few hours of wear. It really does keep your lips moisturized when you wear it. One of my new favourite nudes lipsticks.

A tip on purchasing Lancome lipsticks: If the colour you like is not a high demand colour, wait for their sales because they do a yearly sale around Christmas time where they sell off old stock for half price! Well Debenhams in Ireland do their clearance sale after Christmas! And lipsticks are usually one of the first things to go!

Tip to get more volume in hair: I use Tresemme's body root boosting spray on my roots after I towel dry my hair (make sure you dry it as well as you can with a towel) then I use a heat protectant spray from Aussie and here is the trick, when you blow dry your hair, do it upside down, i.e. bend over so that your head is upside down and hair is hanging down and then blow dry pointing the nozzle of the dryer upwards. and when it is nearly dry, flip your hair back and just blow dry like you would normally, but make sure you keep the nozzle pointing up when blow drying!

If it is windy outside and you don't want to ruin your hair, wear a very loose big hat to keep your hair together as the loose hat won't give you "hat hair", hair which has been pressed down thus lost volume! 
I knitted this hat, but I'm sure you can buy it in some shops! If I get enough requests I may do a tutorial on how I made it! :) 

An easy outfit!
If you are not bothered trying to find matching things or dressing up due to laziness, a pair of heeled boots and a blazer always works a charm! I wore a plain long sleeve turquoise top I bought from Pennys (€3), skinny jeans, black blazer, scarf and brown leather heeled boots (New Look).

A long scarf always helps to add colour to the outfit and I find long scarves always looks good with any outfit! 

Tip to give a plain black blazer a bit more colour: As you can see in the photo, I had a long sleeve top but I just rolled the sleeves up over the black blazer sleeve. And voila, it actually looked really good! At least I thought so anyways!  

Hope you all had a lovely day!


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