Dry flakey lips?

January 02, 2014

I'm just like most girls who get dry flakey lips and when this happens, lipstick just does not look pretty at all!
SO what can you do to solve this that is free and easy to do?

1. Get yourself an old toothbrush
2. Put some vaseline/petrolium jelly on your lips
3. Brush your lips gently in circular motion (Don't scrub really hard because it will hurt and may even break skin) and you can even do this when you're watching TV!
4. After about a minute or 2 (Or when your lips feel smooth!) apply a lip balm on your lips!
And voila! Smooth, moisturized lips!

Here's my before and after (I used some lipstick to show you how dry and flakey it was)



And just a tip, if you plan to use lipstick, do this the night before so your lips will have time to get moisturized over night and will be lipstick perfect when you're applying makeup next morning! 
Let me know how it goes!


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