The guys version of #Nomakeup selfie in aid of Breast Cancer

March 29, 2014

Whhhaaaaat?!?! you might be thinking... well read on to find out! 

So my friend messaged me during the week and told me his friend nominated him for the guys version of #nomakeup selfie in aid of Breast Cancer. I don't know if everyone knows about it, but basically, the girls posted a no make up selfie online and donate 4euro (or 3 pounds) to Breast Cancer Research. And the guys wanted to get involved so they did a guys wearing makeup selfie. A fun way to fundraise for Breast Cancer don't you think? :)

And anyways, this friend asked if I could do his makeup for him so I said sure! It's in aid of Breast Cancer so I wasn't going to say no! My makeup was used for a good cause! haha

This follows the theme of my blog seeing as it's makeup and beauty related.. only difference is, it's a boy with makeup instead of a girl! Let's not discriminate! :P

Meet Kai. He was all smiles and ready for his fabulous make over!

First is foundation and primer for the eyes... I was surprised at how smooth his skin was!! Not a single spot or freckle or anything! Like a dolly's face! His skin is probably better than mine! He told me his secret... Pure tap water. Simple as that. He ONLY uses tap water on his face. Oh if only it was that easy for everyone...

And the final result! Doesn't he look beautiful!? I thought I'd give him a little flower for his hair to complete his look! hahaha and funnily enough i think he'd pass as a girl!! I suggested a wig and a dress but he strongly refused my offer. 

If you want to recreat this look, here is what did I use?

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (Honey)
Rimmel London Sunshimmer Bronzing compact powder
Benefit Bella Balma blush

DIY eye primer
Barry M Dazzledust (Bronze)
Seventeen gel eyeliner (I used this to shape his eyebrows too!)
Seventeen eyeshadow (black)

Kate Moss lipstick (107)

And the flower head band I bought from a few years ago! Came in handy! haha.

Hope you liked this post! Bit different from the usual ones I've done! :P


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  1. Eneshai great post and good on you for raising awareness and money for a great cause Lucy

  2. You did a fabulous job and kudos to him for wanting to participate, it's a great cause and hey men get breast cancer too!

    1. Thanks! yeah so good of him to do it! :) I had no idea! But thanks for sharing the info!Be sure to pass it on! :)


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