[Yay or Nay?] Pastel coloured or platinum blonde hair for an Asian...?

March 25, 2014

Heylo again! So today, I will have a wee chat about hair colours... Let the rambles begin!

So, the last week I've been thinking of doing something crazy and spontaneous with my hair... but I guess it's not quite so spontaneous when you have to think about it!! 

I've been considering dying my hair a pastel pink or going platinum blonde... It WILL be a dramatic change and once I start I have to stay committed, otherwise I'll have put my hair through hell over nothing! But at least it'd be going from dark to light, and you can always go back dark again if you REALLY don't like it, whereas if you go dark, you can't go back to being light as easily... similar to paining or colouring, easier to paint black over white, but not the other way around (unless the black is dried though..)... 

I've always been a bit wary of going platinum or a pastel hair colour because from what I've seen in person, blonde hair just doesn't suit Asians as it goes yellow or auburn. So I started googling images to see what those hair colours looked like on asians, and to my surprise, it's not all that bad and some are quite nice too! (though some people might disagree)

So here's some photos I really liked: Platinum blond first (click the photos if you want to know where I sourced them from)! :) 

asian girl with platinum blonde hair

T-ara Eunjung Platinum Blonde Short Messy

Euphoric Mae: GYARU ❤ blogger Xiazue curled platinum blonde asian hair

Snow Fox 1Black Milk “She was a happy girl the day that she left me” Collection. Photo: Chris Fatseas. Makeup/Model: Sara Lipservice.

Now to the pastel pinks!

Pastel pink hair

pastel pink cotton candy hair

And then the more natural blond colours:

a blonde asian is sexy! she looks like a doll! loves it

My only problem would be that my skin isn't light enough to pull off the blonds... because I'm naturally tanned.. (as you can see my true skin colour in my last post!)

I really like the very first picture of the platinum blond with some roots showing and the black eyebrows.. looks so cool! but she does have porcelain like skin which I don't..
If I do get it done, I think I'll go to the hair salon... couldn't imagine what it'd turn out like if I did it myself! 

So what do you guys think?

Yay or nay?
Platinum, pink or natural blond?

Oooh decisions decisions!


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  1. I think pink! Definitely. : )


  2. I say yay!! :) What's the worse that can happen and I'm sure it will look great x I can't wait to see if you did it


    1. That's true!! And I can always dye it back if it doesn't suit!

  3. I think pastel. I am technically Asian (well, India IS a part of Asia, right? right? )


    1. Hahaha, yeah you're asian too Selina! :D xxx

  4. It looks very cool, I think the last photo is the nicest! x

    1. Cool thanks Natasha! I'll consider that one too! :D

  5. with the right attitude you can wear any colour really ^^

  6. I think pink would suit you really well! If your skin is super pale then the platinum blonde would be great too! x


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I think I'm leaning in towards the pink! Though because my skin tone is warm, I'll go for a coral pink instead of pink pink! :)


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