[Review] Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss (Jet Black)

June 06, 2014

Hello my fellow bloggers!
Thank god it's FRIDAY!! I just am so happy to have the weekend to myself! haha

 The first of the Rimmels "Scandaleyes" range I reviewed was their eyeshadow paint [here]. I have to say I really love the product so I was looking forward to trying out their Mascara in Jet Black from this range! So here goes...

As you can see, the packaging is rather slick and stylish (simple but stylish!) Only thing bad to say about the packaging is that it's rather bulky so it does take up a bit of space in your makeup bag (at least that's what I noticed with mine)!

Rimmel called this application brush a "broken heart brush". Now, in my honest opinion, I had such a problem with this brush. It was simply just too big (as you will see in the photo below). The base of the brush was so massive I found it really hard to apply the mascara on cleanly so I had to use the tip of the brush for the application. The size of the brush just seemed rather pointless to me as I couldn't even use it properly. The only good thing about the brush shape was that I found applying the bottom lashes a bit easier... but that doesn't really compensate for the messy application to upper lashes.

The mascara itself (not the brush!) didn't really do much apart from make my eyelashes black-er and a tiny bit longer (I haven't tried any other colour yet, but when I do I'll let you know!) It's quite wet, hence when using the big-ass brush to apply it onto your eyelashes it can get messy, and the fact that you need multiple layers for you to get any volume in your lashes makes it more stressful.

Another thing is it's not waterproof in the slightest! One touch of water and it will run, so make sure if you're using this mascara on your night out or whenever that you turn your "water-works" off for the night, no matter how much you've drank (i.e. cry and you'll find your mascara running down your face). Though I guess it's not all bad, I mean if the mascara gets EVERYWHERE when you are applying it, it means it'll be super easy to get off! Also it's very easy to remove at the end of the night, water works a charm and that means you won't have clumps of left over mascara on your lashes over night (that can be a reason for sties!)

As you can see in the photo above, the left lashes has mascara on and the right is bare. The main difference is the left side is darker and a tiny bit longer than the right.

Would you recommend this product?
This product retails at €9.49 in Boots if anyone wants to try it out, but I wouldn't recommend it. I think you'd find other products that are much better at that price or just a little more! For €9.49 you're paying for the stress of the mess after the mascara application. On top of that, it doesn't really do much, at least not for me.

Okay, rant over. To put it simply, I would not pay for this product because it takes too long to apply and the mess after is stressful at times.

Anyone else tried this mascara before?? Did you guys have the same problem?


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  1. I actually love this mascara because of the brush:))) For me the shape does wonders: it curls and gives volume to my lashes. Shame it didn`t work for you...

    1. Well it's good to hear that it works for you! :) At least some people like it! hehehe xxx

  2. I didn't like this either x


  3. Great review and you're right it's way to big for you!

  4. It definitely looks too big! I find that big brands keep trying to change things about mascara to make it "new" but it just ends up silly!
    At the end of the day it's a brush with black gloop on it and it gets way over complicated!

    Love your honest review :)

    1. Yeah I know!! The simple small long ones are actually SO much easier to use and also I say would cost them less because less material used to make the brush! *sigh*

  5. The brush has a fun different shape! It's a shame that it does nothing to your lashes :( xx

    1. Yeah, looked like they had come up with something interesting, pity it was a pretty pointless idea. xx


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